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Galuchat - Black - Gold plated

Sale price€480,00




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A bracelet made of galuchat is a striking accessory that is both elegant and exotic. The texture of the galuchat material gives the bracelet a unique and luxurious look.

Black is a color that is often described as the absence of light or the complete absorption of all colors in the visible spectrum. It is the darkest color in our collection but the luscious leather and its texture creates a glowing reflection on the dark background.

Symbolically, black represent sophistication, formality, and elegance but it can also convey a sense of mystery, power, and authority. In design and fashion, black is a versatile color that is often used as a backdrop to highlight other colors or elements. It is and always will be a classic and timeless choice.

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Made in belgium

Galuchat - Black - Gold plated
Galuchat - Black - Gold plated Sale price€480,00