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Elementals bracelets

Bracelet guide

Bracelet sizes

Download the wrist size instruction image below to find out which bracelet size fits you best. Please check before printing that the scale of your download is on 100% to make sure the sizes are correctly displayed.

SMALL: 15 cm - 17 cm
MEDIUM: 17 cm - 19 cm
LARGE: 19 cm - 21 cm


  • For a loose fit, we recommend adding one centimeter.
  • Remember that your two wrists differ slightly in size.


How to take care of your bracelet

For the maintenance of your bracelet, it is most important to follow the advice underneath to keep your bracelet in good condition:

  • Store your bracelet in the pouch/box provided when you don't wear it.
  • Avoid wearing your bracelet when exercising, doing sports, gardening, swimming and other physical activities.
  • Avoid contact with hard or abrasive materials or surfaces.
  • Always remove your bracelet when cleaning to prevent scratching and damage by household chemicals.
  • Always remove your item in the shower or bath or when applying soap or other body products to keep the bracelet material neat.