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Composite - White/Green - Gold plated

Sale price€1.060,00




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A combination bracelet made of composite is the best option to create a precious and glamorous gem-like look. Its versatility and durability however is key to ensure maintaining the transparency and radiance of this beautiful material over time. Daily wear of your bracelet will not affect its shine.  

The attraction between white and green lies in their harmonious visual balance. At the same time white and green create a visually striking contrast that draws the eye. The purity and brightness of white accentuate the lushness and vibrancy of green, creating a dynamic interplay of light and color.

    Our green shade  is actually referring to the typical emerald hue, warm and elegant, creating a very precious look.

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    Made in belgium

    Composite - White/Green - Gold plated
    Composite - White/Green - Gold plated Sale price€1.060,00