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White gold clasps are the luxury detail of your bracelets of Elementals Antwerp. They are made out of 18k gold, plated with white rhodium to receive the specific white colour. White gold is a skin-friendly material which makes these clasps ideal for when you easily have allergic reactions to your jewellery.

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Elementals white gold clasps in detail

Clasps in white gold are the refinement of your bracelet that will connect your individual bracelet parts or your one link bracelet easily with an integrated magnet. Since white gold clasps are received out of 18k gold with a rhodium plating, it is possible for the outside layer to wear out. This is a normal process for which we proceed the service to have your plated clasps re-polished and re-plated. Regardless if you want your white gold clasps renewed or your rose gold clasps, it is possible to bring them back to their original state. When you take good care of your bracelet, your white gold clasps will remain their quality for a longer amount of time. Read more detailed information about the products material at our maintenance page.

Add value to your bracelet

White gold is an adored and beautiful material. To have this incorporated into the clasp of your bracelet, fulfils it to its fullest value. Admire the Elementals bracelets online. Understand why and for who we do it. Choose your favourite chain and complete your bracelet with these white gold clasps. Feel its preciousness around your wrist.




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