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Sterling silver is together with gold the most chosen colour for the clasps of your Elementals. Silver has a bright and clear appearance that will lighten up your bracelet. It is the perfect material for you as well when you have an allergy to copper or brass. The clasps in sterling silver are plated with white rhodium.

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Bracelet parts

Silver clasps to connect the bracelet parts

These silver clasps fulfil the high-end and durable materials of your bracelet and suit them for daywear as well as for the evenings. They connect the bracelet parts easily with the integrated magnet. Be aware of the maintenance of the materials you are wearing around your wrist to ensure it remains its high quality. Since we know that even with good care the silver of your clasp can fade out, we offer you the service of re-polishing and re-plating all your clasps. In this way all your plated clasps will endure a whole lifetime. We promise you that once you have felt the influence of an Elemental bracelet around your wrist, you will only want to expand your personal collection. Find out who we are and for what we are doing it.

Complete your bracelet

Elementals Antwerp gives you the opportunity to find your own style in the online bracelet collection. The only hard part about the process of buying your Elemental bracelet is the part where you have to decide which one you adore the absolute most. Complete your bracelet with the silver detail of the clasps or go for the warmth of rose gold clasps and reveal the inner you.




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