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The Luxura bracelet is a highly loved product created with the cutting-edge innovation of 3D printing together with the traditional craftsmanship approach. This combination of methods makes it possible to create the right look and feel of an Elementals bracelet.

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The Luxura bracelet fits every style

Elementals Antwerp is a Belgian brand of bracelets that is extremely proud to be able to say that the Luxura bracelet elements are all manufactured in Belgium. The Luxura collection contains a countless amount of colourful bracelets. This makes it possible for you to find your perfect match that reflects who you are. It is up to you to choose between single link or multi-link bracelets to fit your playful style. Connect each section with clasps or combine your favourite bracelet parts.

Trigger your stylish senses

All our ‘Elementals’ are created with a certain finesse that stimulate the senses. Luxura stands out in the competitive world of bracelets since the materials are suitable for daywear as well as for your evenings. For all our bracelets, even for the stingray bracelets, we give the advice not to wear them when going into the water, to prevent it from damage. Buy your Luxura bracelet online and choose for quality made to last.

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