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Galuchat leather is a by-product from the stingray and a fashion statement in your bracelet. Galuchat is a result of an ancient non-industrial food fishing tradition. The hides for fine leathercrafts leave nothing to waste in this practice and in addition bring a crackled Galuchat structure in every piece of your bracelet.

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The extraordinariness of the Galuchat bracelet

Galuchat bracelets are very colourful bracelets. This is due to the combination of the natural qualities of the material and time-honoured craft. This extraordinary material is nowadays used for many decorative purposes in jewellery. The one link bracelet is provided with a magnetic clasp to make it easy for you to put it on by yourself. Just as the stingray bracelet, the Galuchat bracelet is made out of materials that come from the sea. Nevertheless, we advise you not to go into water with your bracelet on, to prevent it from damaging the material.

Experience its beauty

Discover Elementals online and find the Galuchat bracelet that enriches your personality. You can compose your bracelet with our bracelet parts as well. The only hard part that remains for you is to choose between the multiple options that we offer. Get to know the story about Elementals Antwerp and experience the beauty of Galuchat in the form of a bracelet and wear it with confidence.

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