Bracelet fitting

With this bracelet fitting sheet, you can easily try which size suites your wrist best. You can download the instruction image, then print it and cut out the paper version of your bracelet along the dotted lines. By doing this, you can estimate which size of bracelet you need. Please know the maintenance of the Elementals bracelet as well, so you can preserve its value.


Wrist size chart for your bracelet fitting

Download the above instruction image of the fitting through the link and try out which size of bracelet fits you best. Please check before printing that the scale is on 100% to make sure all the sizes will be correct, and you will obtain the correct fitting size of your bracelet. To wear your ‘Elementals’ with a comfortable fit, it is necessary to add one extra cm. We offer individual bracelet parts for you to assemble your bracelet to your wishes.

SMALL: 15 cm - 17 cm
MEDIUM: 17 cm - 19 cm
BIG: 19 cm - 21 cm

It is possible to choose between single material bracelets and mixed material bracelets online. The single material bracelets consist of one material and one clasp. Concerning the mixed material bracelets, these are composed with two
materials and two clasps. Every material requests for a proper maintenance of the bracelet. If you handle it with care, it will suit you for a great amount of time. Get to know us and you will understand why we want the very best for you and your bracelets.

Do’s and don’ts to keep your Elementals item in great condition

For the maintenance of your bracelet, it is most important to follow up the advice of Elementals Antwerp to keep your precious jewel in good condition. We give you a listing.

- Always try to store your ‘Elementals' in the pouch/box provided when not in use.

- Avoid wearing your ‘Elementals' when exercising, playing sport, swimming, or gardening to prevent knocking or scratching.

- Avoid contact with hard or abrasive surfaces.

- Always remove your ‘Elementals' when cleaning, to prevent scratching and damage by household chemicals.

- Always remove your item in the shower or bath or when applying soap or other body products as they can leave a film on some of the materials.

Be conscious of the plating

Since we believe it is important for you to know the maintenance of your bracelet, we like to inform you about every material. Some of our clasps are rhodium plated to create brighter and coloured finishes. This can be susceptible to wear over long periods. If this does occur, please contact us and we can organise a re-finish for your claps against a small fee of 15€. If you prefer a more sustainable, bright material, it is possible choose for white gold clasps. It is possible as well to receive the correct fitting of your bracelet with 18k gold clasps. Choose the material that most closely matches your lifestyle.


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