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A stingray bracelet is a bracelet made out of a kind of leather received from the ocean. Originally this finds its origin in the 18th century in Europe. The process to obtain this leather is developed by Jean-Claude Galuchat. This stingray leather converted into a bracelet gives a powerful and strong look which we, of Elementals Antwerp, adore.

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The creation of stingray leather into a bracelet

Stingray leather is conceived out of stingray hides and transformed into a material that is ideal to create unique jewellery, like the Galuchat bracelet. These hides originally come from Indonesia and are now collected throughout south-east Asia. It has taken a centuries-old tradition of non-industrial food fishing out of which the result of the stingray leather was created to reduce waste. Nowadays these beautiful, natural hides are used in the fine world of jewellery and together with a time-honoured craft it is possible to receive the most colourful bracelets. It is possible to combine bracelet parts made out of stingray in a multi-link bracelet. With the multi-link bracelet as well as with the one link bracelet the material will stand out. With a magnetic clasp in silver, brass or gold you can easily put on and take off your bracelet by yourself.

Feel its playful joy

To wear a stingray bracelet of our online bracelet collection is a gift of receiving a strong image due to the texture of the chains. This texture combined with the colour of your longings gives you the ultimate bracelet to complete your own personal look. Read more about our vision. Feel the influence of an Elementals bracelet on your life and enjoy it to the fullest.

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