Plated clasps

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These plated clasps come in three different colours, namely silver, gold and rose gold. Their plated layer gives them the image of the real 18k golden clasps but are less expensive due to the fact they are only coated. In this way you can experience the whole luxurious outcome in a less expensive whole.

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The diversity within plated clasps

Plated clasps come in diverse finishes to give you the opportunity to choose which one completes your desires. Silver clasps are often chosen to lighten up the bracelet. Besides that, rose gold clasps are a desired option for the warmth in their colour. And of course, gold is presented to you for its highly amount of class. All of these plated clasps are provided with a magnet to make it an easy process to put on and take off your bracelet of to connect the multiple bracelet parts. Take a look at our bracelet fitting image to define your wrist size.

Complete your bracelet

Plated clasps give the opportunity to experience the true Elementals bracelet feeling without expecting you to spend a fortune. With their magnetic system they are easy to manage by yourself, a vision of the designer who adores independence. Hesitate no longer and go for your favourite online bracelet. Develop your style with Elementals Antwerp and complete your bracelet with the plated clasps that fits your desires.




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