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You can order your beloved carnelian bracelet online with Elementals Antwerp. This brownish red agate has an outstanding characteristic, unique for this natural material. Since it is a material directly out of nature, every piece is different. The colours and textures vary slightly with every carnelian bracelet you will order.

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The carnelian bracelet is an agate bracelet that has a typical view, inherent to this material. If you love colourful bracelets and more specific the reddish natural tones, carnelian is the bracelet you will want to order. Its reddish colour is caused by iron oxide in the mineral that can get a deeper colouration due to heat. It has a density that varies between see-through and opaque. To ensure you get the right size, use our bracelet fitting sheet before you order your carnelian bracelet.

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Order your carnelian bracelet at our online jewellery platform. Are you not yet convinced that an agate bracelet defines who you are, then perhaps the stingray bracelet suits you better. You will discover that once you have experienced the feeling of Elementals, your collection will only expand. Discover more about us and our vision and dare to wear the jewellery that outbrings who you are in heart and in style.

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