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The first limited edition Elementals bracelet is introduced at Sotheby’s London. This limited edition bracelet is called the Carnelian Ebony and Rosewood Bracelet. It is designed by Salima Thakker, the proud founder and creator of Elementals Antwerp. She has years of experience in the world of fine jewellery which she now transforms into the Elementals.

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Details about the limited edition bracelet

The limited edition bracelet from the designer Salima Thakker is a sequence of elements consisting out of three different natural materials. Namely carnelian, ebony, and rosewood. These natural colours are combined with two 18k gold clasps to give a unique combination of colours and textures. The bracelet is composed of interchangeable curb sections so you can choose the combination of the colourful bracelet you will be wearing. The length is approximately 245mm, which is the most common bracelet fitting. When you order your bracelet online, you will receive a maker’s marks for Salima Thakker and an Italian maker’s marks, accompanied by a case to store your bracelet.

Feel the finesse of its design

See the finesse of this limited edition bracelet with agate and warm looking wood species incorporated. Limited editions are always in high demand, given their uniqueness and their limited quantity. Decide on this behalf to buy your own unique and rare bracelet of the first limited edition.




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