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An agate bracelet is the jewel that suits you when you adore gemstones, since this is a rock formation that is comprised of chalcedony and quartz. It is a beautiful material with a luxurious appearance that needs a certain amount of delicacy when you wear it. It is a piece of jewellery to be proud of.

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The uniqueness of an agate bracelet

Every agate bracelet is unique, considering it is made out of a natural product. Therefore, the variety of colours in our collection is large. A colourful bracelet made out of agate gives a colour range from white and black to bright and pastel colours. In our Elementals vision, a fit for every individual. Every part of the bracelet is handcrafted out of an agate and consists of one solid rough piece. When you adore the colour red, the carnelian bracelet is an agate bracelet that characterizes you. Agate is a precious material with a limited hardness; therefore, we advise you to be gentle with your bracelet. For a colourful alternative you can check out our Luxura bracelets.

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Do not even dare to hesitate about the beauty of the agate bracelet of Elementals Antwerp. Discover the agate bracelet online that makes your heart skip a beat. We have the opportunity for you to use the bracelet fitting to try out which size fits the finest. Get to know us and let the Elementals bracelet stand out on your wrist.

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